Article with code, Wilmott Nov19

My paper  “Computation graphs for AAD and Machine Learning part I: Introduction to computation graphs and automatic differentiation” was just published in Wilmott, the first in a series of articles with code dedicated to Computational Finance. It covers computation graphs, backpropagation, AAD and implementation in finance, taking inspiration in the recent achievements of the Superfly Analytics group of Danske Bank.

A. Savine, “Computation graphs for aad and machine learning part i: introduction to computation graphs and automatic differentiation,” Wilmott, vol. 2019, iss. 104, p. 36–61, 2019.

Deep learning derivatives pricing

I made two simplistic TensorFlow (1.x) notebooks for the benefit of my students at Copenhagen University, to demonstrate how vanilla neural nets (deeply) learn pricing of European calls and high dimensional basket options, together with a comparison with conventional polynomial regression models (a la LSM) and a quick, simple introduction to the implementation of deep learning models in TensorFlow.

Notebook 1: European call in Black and Scholes

Notebook 2: Basket option in Bachelier

The notebooks run directly on Google colab, in the cloud and on GPU, no installation required.

The lecture slides and material are all found here:

Some (much) more advanced considerations for efficiently learning prices of trading books, including “twin” neural nets who learn values and risks, and the super efficient differential regularization, are found here: