Complimentary Preview: Modern Computational Finance Volume 2

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The draft, co-authored by Jesper Andreasen and Antoine Savine, covers cash-flow scripting, a critical technology in modern Derivatives pricing and risk management, not covered in any alternative literature. Mathematically, scripting turns arbitrary descriptions of Derivatives cash-flows into a functional of the path of the market state so the prices and risks of arbitrary transactions may be computed in arbitrary stochastic models. Computationally, scripting produces a computation graph for the cash-flows of arbitrary transactions, which is then optimized and executed for the computation of prices and risks, in a similar manner to machine learning systems like TensorFlow.

Cash-flow scripting has been around for twenty-five years. It was invented in Societe Generale and Banque Paribas for the purpose of structuring exotic transactions and computing prices and risks in real-time. Since then, scripting has considerably evolved into a central piece in all Derivatives pricing, risk management and regulatory calculation platforms.

Jesper Andreasen and I have been working with cash-flow scripting since the mid 1990s, bringing this technology to production at BNP-Paribas, General Re Financial Products, BAML, Nordea, Danske Bank and Saxobank, among other places. We put in this book the sum of our experience, along with our views for the future of this technology. The book comes with an implementation in C++ available on GitHub. Scripting has strong ties to modern technologies like smart contracts or computation graphs for machine learning, although this is a chapter yet to be written.

RiskMinds 2019

Flying Monday to Amsterdam with my colleagues from Superfly Analytics of Danske Bank, including Brian Huge and Ove Scavenius, to attend the RiskMinds 2019 risk management conference and the award ceremony, where our group is nominated for ‘Excellence in risk management and modeling’.

EDIT: Superfly Analytics now won the award:

Excellence in Risk Management and Modelling, winner: Superfly Analytics at Danske Bank

We will be presenting our vision of modern risk management systems and the ‘One Analytics’ platform: full front to back consistency with scripting of cash-flows , model hierarchies and AAD. Further, we will present ‘Deep Analytics’: leveraging risk management systems with AI to learn revaluation and risk analytics on the fly. For those unable to attend, we posted our slides online here:

click on the picture to see the presentation